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Great Careers
Great Careers
Championing the Candidate

Great Careers is bringing to market a smarter way to find & apply for jobs at leading companies.

Smarter for Candidates & Job Seekers

  • Your applications go direct to companies
  • You use just one profile for each application
  • We identify all companies we list
  • We map the offices of all companies we list

Smarter for companies and organisations

  • Get your brand in front of candidates
  • Describe your company benefits
  • Post interviews with existing employees
  • Deliver a great application experience

We're totally focused on Great Careers so head on over to our Great Careers site for more information.

Great Careers is much more than listings of job ads.

We believe candidates have rights during the job search and application process and we've encapsulated them in our Candidates' Charter.

To find out more, go to about Midnight 30; follow our blog and tweets to keep up to date.