#1/8: Right to know the employer's name


It has become common practice on job boards to advertise vacancies without naming the companies.


Not knowing who they are applying to is very maddening for candidates. Barred from doing research before applying wastes candidates time and give the whole process a bad reputation.

It's equally vexing for companies too. The brand they've built remains unseen - all companies display the same faceless uniform.

Why are names hidden?

The adverts are placed by recruiters working at agencies. Recruiters work hard building relationship with companies but it's a competitive marketplace and many organisations hire recruiters on a no-hire, no-fee basis. This gives rise to anxieties and a recruiter, fearing the loss of a contract, guards their client list very carefully.

Carefully, of course, includes not advertising that client list in adverts.

Recruiters also worry about being cut out of the process by candidates applying direct to companies. By naming the company, as late as possible - sometimes only when a company want to interview a candidate - the recruiter protects that hard-won contract.

The side effect

With this common practice now endemic, poor practices have flourished. To get into the industry some recruiters post phantom ads - ads for fake jobs, to entice candidates in. These newcomers then tout the applicants around, trying to strike a deal with companies. It's hard for them to be found out as their ads look just like ads from legitimate recruiters - ads that don't name the company!

The standards we all need

We need to bring greater transparency to the industry and focus on services that name companies in their ads. This would help raise standards and the experiences of candidates and companies alike.

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