#6/8: Right to check the personal data collected


The Web, as well as apps, still have a long way to travel before it is second nature for services to offer data checking to its users. Or indeed for users to expect this ability.

While data protection laws are mature in many jurisdictions the rights to access the data and the obligations to provide access are still a work-in-progress.


Candidates and employers are not well served if incorrect or outdated information is being used in the recruitment process.

The side effect

If employers are making decisions on inaccurate information then good candidates can be overlooked and time-wasted chasing ill-fitting contenders or the plain unavailable..

The standards we all need

Candidates need to have easy access to the information stored about them with facilities to query, correct or update any inaccuracies. This needs to be extended beyond profile fields to the metadata generated by their use of products and services.

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