#7/8: Right to have personal data removed


The history of computing has been marked by tremendous increases in storage capacity, retrieval speed and reliability. The industry has, however, made less than stellar progress in building comprehensive removal processes.

There is also much progress to be made in user education to align expectations of what can and cannot be deleted when it comes to data associated to the user.


Candidates want to be able to delete their accounts with recruiters and job boards. Service providers have obligations to keep records and application histories to provide customer and candidate support as well as meet legal obligations.

The side effect

Candidates have become unwilling to create accounts with services because they doubt their data will be deleted when they leave. If candidate data isn't deleted in a timely fashion it becomes misleading and inaccurate undermining confidence in a service by all those who use it.

The standards we all need

Transparency is needed on what data fields are held and over what timeframes is the data is deleted. Simple online actions should be offered to enable candidates to request that their data is deleted and any data not covered by such requests, such as application information, needs to be made clear.

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