Tips for an effective CV Strategy


Over the next few posts I’ll explore how to put together your CV strategy. A CV is your envoy, speaking for you in your absence, so effort spent on crafting CVs is effort well worth spending.

I’ll tackle the basics of what to include and what not to include in as well as how CVs are used in the recruitment pipeline (I’ll cover what this pipeline is too).

Posts will include practical tips for writing CVs or enhancing an existing CV as well as some behind-the-industry secrets about how CVs are used by the recruitment industry.


  1. The Top 10 Purposes of a CV
  2. Who uses CVs?
  3. Getting a CV through the wringer
  4. Page 2+
  5. Formatting
  6. CV Length
  7. Tailoring a CV
  8. What not to include in a CV