CV Length


You’ll find plenty of advice for keeping CVs to one or two pages. Short CVs work well for many intermediaries who have large volumes of applications to get through and who may be keyword hunters.

But hiring managers and their teams need more detail to decide who to invite for interviews. So, structure a CV to cater to both needs.

Make your first page keyword focused. A second page can list previous employment. If this will be your first job then include examples of volunteer work you have done and skills gained from education and hobbies.

A third page can work for those you’d potentially be working with. Here, you can include narratives: projects you’ve worked on, problems you met and overcame. Don’t include esoteric details — these stories are only meant to give a taste of your experience. The key is to engage the reader in wanting to meet you and finding out more.

And, in the age of the web, detail any blogs, GitHub projects and other sites that you have created or contributed to that will support your application.

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