What not to include in a CV

It helps enormously to keep a CV focused and on-point.

Don’t include the following in a CV:

Photographs: you might find it odd, in the age of the selfie, but it’s not yet a cultural norm to include a photograph of yourself in a CV in the majority of industries.

Qualifications: leave out any that are not relevant or out of date.

Outdated experience: unless highly relevant to the application don’t go further back than ten years.

Curriculum Vitae: Don’t need to include the words Curriculum Vitae — everyone knows it’s a CV.

The obvious: The phrase: “Reference available on request.” This is taken for granted.

Date of birth: it’s not relevant.

A summary or profile: there is a fashion to head a CV with a career summary of one or two sentences about how you fit, professionally, in the world.

A summary is optional and not including one is far far better than writing a bad one. My personal advice would be to skip the summary and use the time and space saved to really get your employment history right.