Meet our people Videos - ARM, AO & Hiscox

It's surprising how many companies hiring process doesn't involve interviewees meeting their potential colleagues. Now, companies are using videos to introduce their people before a job application has been made.

We've pulled out these videos from three leading companies. You can watch them, not just for their content, but to get a feel for the values, equal opportunities and a sense of the culture of a company.

Working in the ARM Media Processing Group
Jem Davies, Eugenia Cordero-Crespo, Evard Sorgard, Sam Martin, William Stoye, Sean Ellis & Ian Devereux

Sales careers in the heart of the city - AO
Mike, Bobbi, Sam, Mel, Dwayne, Steve, Terry, Andrew, Rhys & Mike

What surprised me about Hiscox
Oliver Triston, Joseph Stevens, Sara Godfrey, Lauren Pearson & Robert Bragg