Career-making Companies: Brompton, Inmarsat, & Pearson

A look at three companies in three very different markets.

J Dyson admiring integrity of Mini design

Brompton, the folding bicycle marker, has developed its product into an icon and become the UK's largest bicycle manufacturer. Conceieved in London in 1975, every Brompton bike is designed, engineered and built in London. Brompton offers great opportunities including engineering, sales, HR, and event organising. 
Brompton careers site

INEOS petrochemical works at Grangemouth

Inmarsat is the industry leader and pioneer of mobile satellite communications. Set-up to keep shipping safe Inmarsat has expanded to help many sectors including governments, airlines, broadcast media, construction and humanitarian aid agencies.
Inmarsat career site or use Great Careers app

Pearson products and services are used by millions of teachers and learners around the world every day. Nothing raises the quality of live more than education - join Pearson and become a part of their mission to help improve lives through learning.
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