Career-making Companies you may have missed: Serco, Sig & Spectris

When job hunting it's all too easy to focus on household names. In this series we've tried to show that there are plenty of companies, you may not have heard of, doing good work to make our lives better. As companies take a break from hiring over Christmas take the opportunity to research the companies we've covered, craft your pitch to them, and be ready for January when, the hunt begins again.

Serco SD Northern River

Serco SD Northern River

Serco has a strong public sector ethos motivating its people, and it employs 50,000, to make a positive difference. Serco helps governments deliver more and better public services for less cost.

Rupert Soames, Group Chief Executive, gives introduces Servo's Code of Conduct overview which gives real-world examples of the situations employees can find themselves.

Check out Serco careers site and UK, rest of Europe, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand jobsUSA jobs & Canada jobs.

SIG is the market leader for insulation products distribution in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Poland. SIG is working to reduce energy consumption and meet the increasing government regulations and thus helping us all reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thinking of working at SIG? Then dig into the SIG business model and devote some time to understanding SIG and then check out the SIG careers site and jobs at SIG.

Spectris make highly-specialised measuring instruments and controls for some of the most technically demanding industrial applications. Which industries need such products? Well, basically, all of them, making Spectris a very existing and challenging place to work. Check out the Spectris careers site.