Meet our people - Baidu, Arup & NCC Group

YouTube can be a great research aid in getting a feel for the people that make up a company and the culture it fosters.

We've pulled out three videos from three great companies:

While Baidu is China's largest search company, the business sees its future driven by AI. Y-combinator interviews Adam Coates, Director of Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI Lab. With AI developing so quickly, in so many directions, the lab keeps its focus by investing in AI developments that promise to impact at least 100 million people. Adam gives some insights into how Baidu has given its Mandarin speech recognition agent superhuman powers!

Queensferry Crossing

Queensferry Crossing

Arup provided a lot of the brains behind the new Queensferry Bridge, crossing the river Forth. A bridge, by the way, that promises to defy conventional physics by channeling high-velocity winds that would otherwise close conventional bridges away from the crossing traffic. Meet graduates a year into their careers with Arup.






Our video from NCC Group dives deep where we hear from one of their ethical hackers: Katy Winterborn. Katy is a Senior Security Consultant at NCC Group and here we hear how she got into hacking and what she enjoys about her career with NCC Group.