Meet our people - DHL, Compass & Johnson Matthey

We've pulled out more videos from three great companies:


DHL, the logistics company, operates in over 220 countries, making it the most international business on the planet. It takes 350,000 people to deliver DHL's services so we can only give a flavour of some of those building a career with DHL. Meet John Pearson, CEO Europe, DHL Express; Zanos Georgios, Foreman, Belgium; Brian Broom, MD of Global forwarding; and Ugne Bilciute, Senior Consultant. Check out jobs at DHL.

Compass, the catering company, stands out for the positive culture it has developed for its staff and partners. Meet some DHL apprentices; Laura Webber, Senior Marketing Manager and some more from DHL - team American. Check out jobs at Compass.


While not a house name, you're probably only a few feet/metres away from a Johnson Matthey product. In 1974, JM started producing emission control catalysts for cars. Today, a third of catalysts in cars are JM catalysts. The company started testing the purity of precious metals in 1817 - no, that's not a typo - they celebrated 200 years in 2017. Today, it operates in over 30 countries, employs over 13,000 people, and develops products for clean air, better health and more efficient uses of planetary resources. Meet some Johnson Matthey apprenticesMark Whelan, Lean Manager; and Robert MacLeod, Chief Executive at Johnson Matthey. Check out jobs at Johnson Matthey.

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