Meet our people - Entertainment One, Bombardier & Hotel Chocolat

We've pulled out more videos from three great companies operating in very different markets:


Entertainment One (eOne), the one-stop shop for content creation, marketing and distribution, is expanding worldwide which opens up many opportunities to join them. It's Peppa Pig assets, for example, are sold in 180 countries in 40 languages. Meet Giles Willits, CFO; Chris Taylor, Global President, Entertainment One Music; and Ryan Philp, Manager, Business & Legal Affairs, eOne Films; Sofiya Baker, Production Coordinator, eOne Television; and Rene Ledezma, Office Manager.  Check out jobs at Entertainment One.


Bombardier. You may be missing an opportunity if you're put off looking at Bombardier because of the trade dispute between its owner and Boeing. This is exactly the time to investigate a career at a company and show you can look beyond short-the term and see the bigger picture. Meet Mike Ainsworth, General Manager, Biggin Hill Service Centre; Mark MacGregor, Project Manager; and Richard Hunter, UK Managing Director. Check out jobs at Bombardier.


Hotel Chocolat opened its first shop in 2004. It's been quite a journey as the company now has over 90 shops as well as cafés and restaurants and a hotel on their cocoa plantation in the Caribbean. Meet Tarow Loke, Apprentice Chocolatier; Kiri Kalenko, Senior Chocolatier; and Peter Harris, co-founder.  Check out jobs at Hotel Chocolat.

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