Meet our people - Mercedes-Benz , easyJet & AstraZeneca

We've pulled out videos from three great companies:

Mercedes-Benz is best known for its motor cars it also manufactures buses, coaches, vans and trucks. Catch Ola Kaellenius talking about Mercedes-Benz's plans for zero-emission and fully autonomous vehicles. And an interview with Britta Seeger, covering Mercedes-Benz's social network marketing plans and its focus on its customers.

Queensferry Crossing

easyJet started flying in 1995 and has become a leading European airline. It disrupted the market with low-cost offers to customers ensuring high seat occupancy. Meet the youngest pilot employed at easyJet.




Work for AstraZeneca and you can save lives by helping to develop the next generation of medicines. Our video from AstraZeneca hears some of those striving to make us healthier.

We've included a bonus interview with Dave Smoley, CIO, AstraZeneca covering how technology is key to AstraZeneca's success.