The question to ask every recruiter

There's a culture of secrecy in the recruitment industry. And it's wasting your time as a job seeker.

Many recruiters won't tell you the name of the companies they are pitching your CV/resume to. Some may be collecting job seekers to then try and pick-up a client while others don't want to risk you "going direct" should they decide not to take your application with them any further.

You can help change this culture. For example, if you receive an unsolicited call from a recruiter, tell them that you don't spend time discussing openings unless you're told the name of the company. If that's too harsh a line for you there are others to choose from. You could, for example, discuss an opening but only send your CV/resume to the recruiter after they name the company.

Drawing a line does take courage. But doing so will save you a lot of time in your job hunt and you'll be playing your part in improving the recruitment industry for all of us.