3 Great Career Vloggers

The Christmas break is used by many to take stock of one's career and decide what changes to make in the coming year. And January is the month to add more good habits to your job search routine. I'd like to suggest you check out some vloggers who are adding breadth to the recruitment scene with their posts.

Let's kick-off this series with 3 Great Career Vloggers:

Adding a skill…

sean allen.jpg

Sean Allen. If you're considering adding a technical skill to help your next career then take inspiration from Sean Allen's story. Sean went from non-programmer to first contract in 7-months  and his vlog covers this journey into contract programming as well as a series of how-to-program videos. Sean's been very open, covering details of interviews with Facebook and publishing charts for how much he has earned, month-by-month, from contracting. I think this openness, is what has made Sean a 10K YouTuber.

All about the recruitment process

jeff altman.jpg

Jeff Altman. Jeff's been in the business for more than 40 years and is now a prolific YouTuber and podcaster. What I like about Jeff's broadcasts is that the advice and tips he gives are really constructive and he consistently avoids the platitudes offered by so many in this game. One could pull out a dozen examples and then a dozen more but I'll just tempt you in with The best question to ask at the end of an interview and Tell me about a time you disagreed with a decision.

the recruitment guy.jpg

Graham Martin. Graham has conducted 10,000 interviews over nearly 30 years and now helps people get jobs as The Recruitment Guy. Graham's motto might be "it's not always the best candidate who gets to the role but the best prepared" and his series of videos on preparation and interviews can help you improve your performance at interviews. Graham is a 15K YouTuber and has a 7-year library so spend your time watching wisely. We suggest starting with pre-interview preparation, the opinion piece Don't waste your money on useless CV Writers and if you're in sales, try Sell me this pen!