Is now the time to get a job at Oxfam?

While Oxfam's Deputy Chief Executive resigned this week, Oxfam's scandal has still to fully play out.


If you're looking for a new challenge you'd avoid considering Oxfam right? Well, if a challenge is what you want, joining an organisation that will see major changes may be the place to start.

The people of Oxfam, and those that join it, are going to be responsible for reinventing the organisation and making it fit to operate. It won't be easy; if you want easy then look elsewhere.

While the effects of human-caused climate change, wars and opportunity inequality are often debated, organisations like Oxfam see, at firsthand, the effects of these phenomena and divert some of their energies into campaigning to combat them.

If you interested in finding out more about Oxfam then check out the videos below and head to the Oxfam career site.

Himani Patel, University Idioh's Oxfam club president, Oxfam America gives an overview of the organisation's activities to alleviate the impact of natural disasters and what the biggest thing the international community can do to help.

Oxfam, with other charities, join forces to campaign for governments to reduce our carbon emissions.

Listen to Barny Tallack, an ex-director at Oxfam, who in this interview talks about how NGOs are structured and the different career paths within them.

And the answer to a common question, Oxfam is asked: where does the money go?