Candidates (and companies) miss out when job copy goes dark…


The job boards are stuffed to the gills with job ads that are so vague they could be described as elusive - not what one expects from an advert! 

When a job ad goes dark - skipping company name and office location - you lose more than this vital information. The ad writer doesn't just want to hide the company name from you. They want to leave as few clues as possible, keeping the identity of the company secret.

This makes such ads all very similar. They can't sell the company's vision, it's culture or the specifics of past achievements or current projects. Anything that might let job seekers identify the company looking for them must be left out.

Such ads miss out on top candidates. Such ads make all companies the same.

But not all companies are the same. Some are changing the world. We're beginning to see a change. Companies with a mission, a story to tell, are insisting on better job copy and not being part of the quagmire of indifference that has blighted job boards for far too long.

Check out our Candidates' Charter for what we think candidates deserve when it comes to job ads and the application process.