3 Career-making Companies: Sony, Honda & Rolls-Royce

Three companies at the top of their game and competing in growing markets. Check out their career sites for openings that could be your next career move.

Sony, although massive in several industries, has gained its success by being focused where it places its people and energies. Back in 2014, Sony sold its PC and TV businesses while doubling down in the areas it saw high growth.

This choose before you invest strategy is already paying off: Sony had a record three-fold jump in first-quarter operating profit. In a vote of confidence for Sony's turnaround under Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai, the firm's shares have risen by around 40 percent this year to nine-year highs.
Sony Career Site

Honda loves engines. The world loves engines too. Honda businesses develop motorcycles, cars, boats, jets and even robots. As the world adopts renewal technologies, Honda will be there developing the engines and machines it needs.

Honda teams are advancing robotics, harnessing solar power and building hydrogen-fueled cars.
Honda Career Site

Rolls-Royce produces and services aero engines for large civil aircraft, corporate jets and the defence sector. Rolls-Royce is well established in the marine sector designing vessels and integrated power systems and a growing presence in civil nuclear power (drawing on over 50 years of experience in powering nuclear submarines). They also have high-speed diesel engines powering applications as diverse as rail locomotives and luxury yachts.

Rolls-Royce reveals its profits grew by 150% in the first half of the year.
Rolls-Royce Career Site